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AppSumo Havoc Shield Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

AppSumo Havoc Shield Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software
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Introducing: AppSumo Havoc Shield Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

Protect your business using the all-in-one cybersecurity program built for financial services

Setting up cybersecurity for your company shouldn’t feel like you’re a kid building booby traps to protect your home base. (On second thought, are the burglars from Home Alone okay?)

With so many different tools on the market, it’s hard to know which ones you can trust to truly secure your business against cybercrime.

It’s time for a fully loaded cybersecurity platform that gives you the tools you need to protect against cybercrime and ransomware attacks.

Alternative to: Tugboat Logic and Vanta

Best for: Small and midsized companies looking for a simple, low-cost cybersecurity solution

Let’s see the features that attract you in a nutshell….

  1. Havoc Shield is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform with simple-to-use tools and training that offer peace of mind against cybersecurity and ransomware attacks.
  2. Identify and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities right away with a suite of security tools—all in one place.
  3. Proactively train employees or consultants to avoid falling for a ransomware attack.
  4. With Havoc Shield, you get more than just the tools to protect your business—you also get access to cybersecurity training so your whole team knows how to stay safe.
  5. Train your employees or consultants on how to spot and avoid phishing emails and common ways hackers work.
  6. Since most hacks occur because of human error, you’ll be able to decrease the likelihood of ransomware attacks.
  7. Access high-end training on real-world security topics with Cyber Awareness Training, powered by Webroot.
  8. Havoc Shield allows you to easily integrate with vendors to support all aspects of your cybersecurity program.
  9. You’ll be able to stay on top of exploitable network, infrastructure, and application vulnerabilities with regular, consistent vulnerability scans.
  10. The built-in Mail Armor feature also lets you forward suspicious emails directly to Havoc Shield—the team will analyze and reply back to confirm whether it’s safe to open within two hours.
  11. Perform scheduled vulnerability scans right away and take easy-to-digest actions to reduce vulnerabilities.
  12. OS and software patching lets you manage operating system and critical software updates automatically.
  13. That means you can fix any vulnerabilities by quickly installing patches upon release, without depending on employees to remember to make those critical updates.
  14. With Havoc Shield, you can even take action fast on new threats with 24/7 data breach and dark web monitoring to make sure you’re protected.
  15. Plus, you’ll get access to robust reporting like awareness training completion, sensor status, and attestation letters.
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Disclaimer: The source of this content with product details originally published on

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