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AppSumo Putler Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

AppSumo Putler Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software
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Introducing: AppSumo Putler Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

Monitor, analyze, and grow your business with hassle-free multichannel reports and insights

Payment data, customer data, product data, visitor data—it’s all scattered across channels like everything you’ve ever lost in the laundry.

You need to monitor multiple systems to make data-driven decisions, and it only gets worse when you have multiple stores.

What if you could connect all your payment gateways, shopping cart systems, analytics, and data from all your stores in one place?

Alternative to: Baremetrics, Metorik, and ChartMogul


Best for: Ecommerce stores, SaaS companies and internet marketers that want to simplify data analytics and grow their businesses


Let’s see the features that attract you in a nutshell….

  1. Putler is a multichannel analytics tool that consolidates data and provides reports on sales, customers, products, visitors, and subscriptions.
  2. Get consolidated, accurate reports on products, sales, customers, subscriptions, and visitors.
  3. Go beyond reporting to manage subscriptions, process refunds, view purchase history, and gain marketing insights.
  4. Here comes Putler to the rescue as it combines, cleans, de-duplicates, and enriches your data while creating streamlined reports that give you a complete picture of your business.
  5. From one dashboard, you can access reports on sales, products, customers, transactions, audiences, and subscriptions without spending long hours manually pulling data.
  6. Simply connect all your systems and stores, and Putler will do all the number crunching for you.
  7. Unify data from all your data sources and get a birds-eye view of your business.
  8. With Putler, you can access sales data at lightning speed, quickly finding orders based on current status: completed, refunded, and failed.
  9. From the same dashboard, you can also manage subscriptions and issue full or partial refunds for items, all while tracking the purchase history of every customer.
  10. Set your monthly revenue goal and track it over time against your forecast, so you can plan 12 months ahead by adjusting the parameters in the forecasting model.
  11. Multiple stores? No problem. Putler offers flexible multi-store reporting, allowing you to view consolidated reports from multiple stores in one place or view individual reports.
  12. With Putler, you can track sales metrics, gain actionable insights, and measure revenue goals!
  13. Every metric tells a story. But most reporting tools just stop at the numbers, leaving the user to figure out how to actually use the metrics.
  14. Putler goes one step further and offers insights based on your metrics, like products that are frequently bought together and sales heatmaps with the best days and times for sales.
  15. Get more out of your data by using those insights to create marketing strategies and make data-driven decisions.

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Disclaimer: The source of this content with product details originally published on

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