AppSumo Robomotion RPA Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

AppSumo Robomotion RPA Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

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Introducing: Robomotion RPA
Automate repetitive and data-intensive manual tasks with easy-to-use RPA bots

Ever wish you could just create a robot for all your boring, repetitive work tasks, like collecting data, entering info, or telling Dave from Sales to turn his polka music down?

Bots can automate repeatable business processes, but they’re either too expensive, too complicated, or both (and you’re still on your own with Dave, sorry).

You’re looking for intuitive and accessible robotic process automation (RPA) bots to rescue you from your dry, error-prone manual tasks.

Let’s see the features that attracts you in a nutshell….

  1. Robomotion is a robotic process automation tool that can automate web and desktop applications to streamline your workflow.
  2. Automate web or desktop applications that don’t have an API with cross-platform robots that work on Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  3. Set up RPAs super quickly with an easy-to-understand interface.
  4. While many cloud automation tools only work with applications that have an API, Robomotion can automate custom web or desktop applications.
  5. Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, Robomotion robots can log in to a custom web portal, navigate through menus, export data to process, and email a report.
  6. Get started quickly with an automation template for everything from sending birthday messages on a Slack channel to scraping stock price information and compiling it in Excel.
  7. Choose one of the ready-to-use automation templates to get started automating your repetitive tasks!
  8. Robomotion also lets you run multiple tasks within one automation project.
  9. Schedule your RPA bot based on minutes, hours, days, or weeks.
  10. You can use Robomotion to trigger automation by scheduler, email, file system, or even web service.
  11. Set unlimited triggers to a bot by adding the trigger type and parameters.
  12. Make unlimited triggers for bots and set up automatic triggers by scheduler, email, file system, or web service.
  13. Keep your credentials safe in Robomotion Vaults, where only you can decrypt your vault items.
  14. Manage everything from one convenient admin console, like robots, triggers, schedulers, users, queues, jobs, and more!
And much more…..
Alternative to: UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism
Best for: Startups and SMEs with daily, manual tasks that they want to automate without any hassle.
Get Yours Robomotion RPA here:
Happy Marketing!


Disclaimer:  The source of this content with product details originally published on

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