AppSumo Wisecut Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

AppSumo Wisecut Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

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Introducing: Wisecut
Harness the power of AI and voice recognition to edit your video content

Let’s be real: you didn’t create a YouTube channel because you love editing hours of footage.

You know you should be brainstorming and creating engaging content, but the editing process is eating into your entire workflow.

If only you could get back all the time you spent video editing, so you could focus on what you do best: making awesome content.

Let’s see the features that attract you in a nutshell….

  1. Wisecut is a video editing software that uses AI and voice recognition to edit videos for you, automatically creating jump cuts, subtitles, and more.
  2. Create engaging video content without spending time editing your videos.
  3. Automatically remove pauses, create background music, and add subtitles using AI and voice recognition.
  4. You can identify awkward pauses and delete them automatically, without going through the video over and over again during the editing process.
  5. It creates jump cuts for you with punch in and out to make your video more concise and engaging, seamlessly eliminating unnecessary gaps.
  6. Automatically cut long pauses from your videos and create jump cuts for a more engaging video!
  7. Monetize your videos on YouTube without worrying about copyright issues.
  8. Wisecut also helps you ensure that your videos are accessible to everyone, thanks to auto captions and subtitle translations.
  9. Create subtitles and translate them to other languages automatically, so you can reach a wider audience.
  10. It is easy to quickly create cut downs, or shorter video versions for multiple platforms, getting as many eyes on your content as possible.
To learn more, please visit here:
Alternative to: Adobe Premiere, Descript, Magisto, and InShot
Best for: Vloggers, interviewers, and content creators who want to produce video content without the hassle of video editing.

Happy Marketing!


Disclaimer:  The source of this content with product details originally published on

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