Beatoven Review: Get the perfect soundtrack for your videos or podcasts with AI

Beatoven Review uses sophisticated AI music generation techniques to compose original mood-based music to match your video or podcast in a special way. is a new AI-powered music composition tool that allows users to create original songs by simply inputting lyrics and melodies. The app then uses advanced AI algorithms to generate a unique backing track, which can be customized to the user’s preference. With Beatoven, anyone can create professional-sounding songs without any prior musical knowledge or experience.

If you are looking for the perfect soundtrack for your videos or podcasts, look no further than This AI-powered platform enables you to select the perfect music for your content, based on your keywords. With over 10 million tracks to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your project.

  • Eight different choices and more than 16 moods allow you to compose soundtracks personalized for any occasion.
  • Original sound tracks can be readily acquired with hassle-free licensing for use in broadcasts and videos.
  • Beatoven uses sophisticated AI techniques to create unique mood-based music for every part of the video or podcast.

Benefits of Using 

  1. Exciting interface that allows perfect music.
  2. You can make multiple cuts to add different moods.
  3. compose music well
  4. Easy to make the  channel’s signature and sounds.
  5. Background music for attractive scenarios and characters.
  6. Sixteen different moods allow you to decide on the appropriate mood for the haircut.
  7. AI does all the hard work of composing a unique track for you.

Best for

Features at a glance

  • Beatoven is an AI music generator that uses AI to compose music to suit any video content.
  • creates unique music for your child or other media content suited to your needs. Just
  • upload a video to get started! start from 08 of audio, such as pop, rock, and classical.
  • You can listen to audio clips from genres by simply hovering over the panels until you locate the proper one that matches your material.
  • Filmed your clip and music? The eight original songs give you countless options for excellent background music.
  • contains 16 diverse moods, such as emotional, positive, and captivating, so you can use them in any part of your soundtrack.
  • You can add more cuts or shorten different sections of a song to evoke different emotional vibes.
  • Just press the button and let Beatoven. AI seamlessly create sound that’s based on your mood.
  • The AI will assign up to sixteen moods to your track.
  • Beatoven’s interface offers a variety of each relevant  category, so the music sounds real, not duplicated or copied.
  • You can select which instruments should be included, kept, or deleted in each track and even identify which instruments are necessary to the composition.
  • Considering that you will be granted a perpetual license for all your music, you will therefore have an infinite amount to use.
  • In such instances, you can tweak your selection any way you want! Create a completely new mixture or restructure preexisting tracks to your liking.
  • provides a selection of five variations, based on the concept of advanced music theory and production ideas, making it easy to edit your tracks to perfection.
  • After picking out the right one, you can recompose the track as you please and save the alterations.
  • Because this platform offers a wide range of music with industry-standard mixing and editing techniques, your content sounds brand-new.
  • A computer-generated main soundtrack and up to five alternate track options are available.
  • You don’t need to have foregone your desire of becoming a musical great to create a catchy intro and outro for the movie only with your talent. (Would Vivaldi be able to find a 30-second song clip that calms and quirky? Actually, I’m asking.)
  • With, you can create mood-based music for your video or podcast recordings, and use it whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Compose the real vibes.

Top 10 Alternatives & Competitors

  1. Artlist
  2. AudioJungle
  3. Epidemic Sound
  4. Shutterstock
  5. Spotify App
  6. iStock
  7. JumpStory
  8. Storyblocks
  9. Pond5
  10. 123RF

Learn the Secrets of What’s Inside?

A new AI program: is a new AI program that can compose classical music. can create music that is “emotionally intelligent” and “expressive”.

How the program works: the program is able to understand the “musical language” and then generate new melodies based on that understanding. can create music in any style, genre or mood.

Royalty-free music: Create royalty-free music to match your various moods for the things you publish.

In conclusion, Beatoven is perfect for those who want to get the perfect soundtrack for their videos or podcasts. The AI feature allows users to find the perfect music for their content, without having to put in the extra work. The AI is able to create custom soundtracks for any video or podcast.

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