Event Zilla Review: Streamline event registration and management with this all-in-one platform

Event Zilla Review

Event Zilla is a great tool for event planning and management. It allows you to create and manage your events easily in-person, virtual events.

It is a web-based event management software that offers users a simple, streamlined process for organizing and registering for events. The software’s intuitive design and features make it an ideal solution for busy event planners who need to save time and simplify their workflow.

If you are planning an event, large or small, you know how important it is to have a good registration and management system in place. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a lot of paperwork, phone calls, and emails. Eventzilla.io is an all-in-one platform that promises to streamline the entire process for you.

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  • Earn money from more than one platform by simply managing live-event registrations, schedules, crowds, and reception from a single interface.
  • Use a flexible, in-store kiosk where customers can view billing and order information, retrieve tote bags, and cancel orders.

Benefits of Using Event Zilla

  1. Options are available to advertise and connect with one another, including one-on-one discussions, water cooler chats, polls, Q&As, and more.
  2. Allow sponsors, exhibitors, and their associated brands to create their own digital booths specifically to engage event attendees.
  3. Self-Service Live Streaming Made Easy
  4. Can create a Community from Event
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Marketing Hybrid Events
  6. Ultimate Webinar Planning Checklist
  7. Live Streaming Checklist–Before, During and After
  8. Way to Plan a Virtual Event
  9. Details Guide For Promoting Events
  10. The A to Z Guide to Better Events through Personalization

Best for

  • Ecommerce
  • Event organizers
  • Marketing agencies

Features at a glance

  • Eventzilla is an event management software application that helps users manage in-person and virtual conferences, meetings, trade shows, and other business events.
  • With its help, you can provide customers with event websites where they can register and find information about your event.
  • No design or coding experience is needed. Just enter event details, registration types, and payment types, and you’ll be ready to start accepting online registrations immediately.
  • Attendees can use a self-service portal to download tickets, review details as well as cancel orders.
  • Eventzilla offers a tool you can use to create a mobile-friendly event registration site quickly!
  • Livestream recordings of recorded videos for small-scale events, dancing events, and music concerts, along with conducting live streams or short video casts for large-scale events such as award shows and TED talks.
  • You can use the streaming feature to allow attendee messages to be inputted before making the conference telecast for interaction opportunities. Attendees can even participate through a mobile app.
  • You’ll be able to view full statistics for a show after every event in the Eventzilla dashboard.
  • Check out complete stats for an entire show after every show.
  • Say hello to freedom from worrying about class times. The multitrack integrated event calendar software supports ranchers of single-day events that require multiple gatherings, and ranchers of multi-day happenings that can be expanded with further development.
  • You can also include details such as speaker profiles and venues of sessions to supplement attendee information.
  • You can pre-format questions, or create customized ones, for registration to inform interested individuals about the event.
  • Create registration web pages with questions designed to catch the information you need from attendees.
  • Eventzilla enables you to make use of the conditional logic to grow rich conference data depending on the specific registration type.
  • Your Event Hub can be set up to stream on-stage sessions or set up interactive breakouts to enhance engagement.
  • Plus, over 1000 third-party apps are compatible with the plus platform, and the platform also supports your specific integration using the built-in Tasker API.
  • Eventzilla can help you take care of performance, preshow, and break-out events in your Event Hub.
  • When you have an audience during the event and on the World Wide Web, you must simplify audience management tools. (I realize this is an interactive portion, so I’m offering a tailored audience viewing via livestream for my modest audience at home. )
  • Event Zilla makes event management easy through its innovative registration sites, its scheduling companies, and it’s morning show management tools.
  • Manage any occasion like a pro with Event Zilla.

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Top 10 Event Zilla Alternatives & Competitors

  1. Cvent.
  2. Eventbrite
  3. Pheed Loop
  4. Bizzabo
  5. Whova
  6. Hopin
  7. Splash
  8. Airmee
  9. Bizzabo
  10. Cvent

Learn the Secrets of What’s Inside?

Event Zilla offers software products to fully customize its conference registration experience that fully agrees with your brand and talks to your attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. It can be pulled, and does not require programming skills to operate.

One-stop-shop solution for your virtual events: Virtual add-on hosts, manages registrations, and helps promote virtual events natively from within this. Its virtual add-on is brought to you by a comprehensive virtual event hosting platform.

All-in-one class registration software for all your courses: Save time and money with event Zilla. Course registrations aren’t the same for everyone, so we easily allow strategies that fit your teaching style. You can work with your attendees. with Notifications, send them post-event surveys, and get ideas for future courses and events.

Please visit the link to get Event Zilla Lifetime Deal Software for $79 only at here : https://ltdt.saasclerk.io/Eventzilla (Limited Time Offer)

In conclusion, Event Zilla is a great platform to use for streamlining event registration and management. It is easy to use and has a lot of great features. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good event management platform.



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