Geeklab Review: The Most Reliable A/B Testing Tool for Apps

Geeklab Review: The Most Reliable A/B Testing Tool for Apps

If you are looking for the most reliable A/B testing tool for apps, look no further than Geeklab. They have been in the business for years and have helped countless businesses improve app performance by running A/B tests.

What sets them apart from other A/B testing tools is their focus on reliability. They know that when it comes to apps, even a small change can make a big difference. That’s why they put so much emphasis on making sure their tests are accurate and reliable.

Geeklab is one of the key tools for both the initial testing of concepts and App Store Optimization. It is most reliable in terms of the accuracy and depth of data that is received from. So if you’re looking for an A/B testing tool that can help you get the most out of your app, Geeklab is the way to go.


Benefits of Using Geeklab

  1. Get more installs
  1. Improve conversion
  1. Expand audience
  1. Validate concepts
  1. Improve marketability


Best for

  • Developers
  • Product managers
  • SaaS

Alternative to

  • Aha!
  • Canny
  • Uservoice

Features at a glance

  • The magic of optimizing your app listing and boosting installs with A/B testing.
  • Geeklab allows you to optimize your app listing and increase installs with A/B testing, surveys and page analytics on your product listing.
  • GeekLab allows you to run A/B tests on your app listing to increase installs like iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.
  • Geeklab can fetch relevant meta information and automatically create multiple lookalike pages.
  • You’ll be able to customize the design, test your concepts for market readiness, and create as many iterations as you want.
  • Set a landing page URL to direct users to and make a note of the results of the A/B test.
  • Run A/B tests on the app store to optimize the placement of your app for maximum downloads.
  • With Geeklab, you can test over 60 elements in any new ad campaign by tweaking the layout within each variant.
  • Plus, you ll be able to access ready-made templates to make product pages in minutes. It also takes just minutes to preview your work before you go live!
  • Use Geeklab’s survey tool to review over 60 site elements and adjust everything from screenshots to the logo.
  • You can create your own surveys using response options, such as multiple-choice and open-format questionnaires.
  • Geeklabs survey maker can create surveys making use of open-response and multiple-choice options.
  • You’ll be able to be in a position to evaluate critical metrics for A/B testing, such as page-view variations, user distribution, download rates, and evidencing significance for your variants.
  • Create conversion tracking to compare your success with that of your competitors and learn predictive results from previous advertising campaigns.
  • Thanks to Geeklabs enormous database, you can find more than 5 million apps sorted by category, keyword, and developer.
  • Analyze A B test results such as page visits, page views, and user type distribution.
  • Preparing your product page without testing it is like serving a meal without ever tasting it. (As you can see from my photographs, I am certain you will eat this very well. )
  • GeekLab lets you create an unlimited number of variations of your page, so you can run A/B tests and discover what performs best.

Learn the Secrets of What’s Inside?


A/B Testing

Run multivariate tests in the App Store, Google Play or Steam.

60+ Elements

Geeklabs allows you to customize over 60 elements of your custom page.

Data points Better Learnings

Statistical models that you can use to gain a more complete understanding of topics and enhance performance. Thousands of accumulated metrics and sets of data are available.

Network Management (Upcoming) Ad

Manage all your ad networks in one tool. With Geeklabs Audiencelab, you can create an advertising campaign and target Facebook and Google, as well as TikTok, ad networks.

Top 10 Geeklab Alternatives & Competitors

  1. SplitMetrics
  1. Storemaven
  1. AppFollow.
  1. AppTweak.
  1. Adjust.
  1. Intelligence (formerly App Annie)
  1. Asodesk.
  1. Kumulos.
  1. Explorer by 42matters.
  1. MightySignal.

Comparison with top competitors



A/B Testing
App Store Optimization (ASO)
A/B Testing
Easy to use


 Facebook PixelSlackTikTokTwitter

Support & Training
Business Hours Online SupportBusiness Hours Online SupportOur marketing experts can set up campaigns on Geeklab as well as any advertising channel of your choice.
Value of money

App listing to boost installs in
AppsFlyerGoogle Play xGoogle Play The iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

If you want to increase your app’s installs, make sure to focus on optimizing your app listing. Additionally, do you want your app to be compatible with as many devices as possible? NO WAY then Geeklab

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