BHuman Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

BHuman Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

SaaS clerk Lifetime Deal (LTD) Talk!

Caution: Try to avoid FOMO, buy only if you really need it.

Introducing: the Revolutionary BHuman Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

Unleash the Power of AI to Generate Customized Videos • Create highly personalized videos on a massive scale using cutting-edge AI technology • Effortlessly customize thousands of videos for different recipients in just three easy steps • Integrate seamlessly with numerous tools via Zapier for automatic video delivery at key moments in your workflow

An Alternative to: Vidyard

Perfect for : Ecommerce, Marketers, and Sales Managers

Designed to meet the needs of businesses looking to streamline and enhance their video outreach efforts.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at What Makes BHuman So Special

  1. AI-powered Video Platform: Take advantage of BHuman’s AI capabilities to generate thousands of personalized videos that look and feel real.
  2. Easy Personalization: Creating custom videos at scale has never been easier. BHuman’s AI can clone your face and voice to produce tailored videos.
  3. Three-Step Creation: Record yourself reading a script, then add personal details, like the recipient’s name, industry, or product, and finally, generate the video.
  4. Data Integration: Easily add more data to each personalized variable by uploading a spreadsheet or grabbing data from your CRM via Zapier.
  5. Automated Generation: Automatically generate personalized videos for new leads as you enter their details.
  6. Video Sharing: Download video links and use them in personalized cold outreach or send via email or SMS from the platform.
  7. Re-engage Leads: Easily re-engage stale leads or activate new ones with personalized product demos.
  8. Workflow Streamlining: Connect BHuman to your favorite apps via Zapier for a streamlined workflow and amazing automations, like sending personalized videos for abandoned carts.
  9. Actor Avatars: Choose from avatars of actors, celebrities, and influencers or ask the BHuman team to find one for you, perfect for those who are camera-shy.
  10. Team Profiles: Create actor profiles for everyone on your team, giving your marketing strategy more versatility.
  11. Advanced Personalization: The AI personalization handles diversity in features, including facial hair, skin color, and more.
  12. Instant Generation: Generate over 1,000 personalized videos in less than an hour, so you can create as many personalized videos as you need, quickly.
  13. Secure Hosting: BHuman hosts all your AI-personalized videos on Vimeo, ensuring secure links wherever you send your videos.
  14. Sales Opportunities: Leverage personalized videos for traditional sales scenarios, such as thank-you videos for donations, invitations to webinars, and birthday wishes to customers.
  15. Scenario Creation: Import data to create personalized videos for any scenario at scale.
  16. Realistic Videos: BHuman generates personalized videos that look and feel like they were created by a real person, so you can build deeper connections faster.
  17. Discreet AI: Just because you’re using AI to streamline your personalized video outreach, doesn’t mean everyone needs to know. BHuman’s videos look and feel like they were created by a real person.

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